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Strong Immunization Programs Require Long-Term, Sustained Investments

Huffington Post: How countries can maintain health gains from immunization
Gina Lagomarsino, president and chief executive officer of Results for Development (R4D)

“…Many different types of interventions can save lives — but the fact is immunization programs are one of the best investments a government can make. … Strong immunization programs require sustained and predictable funding for vaccine procurement and supply chains as well as primary care facilities and staff that deliver immunization as part of a broader program of health services. As countries transition away from development assistance, their governments must plan to ensure adequate and sustainable financing for these efforts. This is not easy. … Mobilizing greater domestic resources to support vital programs — like immunization — will become increasingly important when traditional donor funding plateaus or declines — and as more countries move from low- to middle-income status. In preparing for these transitions, and recognizing that middle-income countries are home to the majority of the world’s poorest populations, the global development community must help strengthen local capacity and systems with practical how-to advice and support” (2/28).