Strengthening Health Systems Through Partnerships, Innovation, Data Key To Africa’s Health

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN): Dangote, Bill Gates: We are Hopeful About Africa’s health
Aliko Dangote, CEO of the Dangote Group, and Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“…Underlying [our global health] efforts is our belief that strengthening health systems is the key to breaking the cycle of extreme poverty and disease — and kick-starting a virtuous cycle of health, productivity, and prosperity. In our work together, we have learned a few important lessons. First, improving the health of communities depends on a successful partnership between government, communities, religious and business leaders, volunteers, and NGOs. … Second, we must keep innovating to speed up progress. … Last, accurate and reliable data is central to any effort to improve health. … We know that strengthening health systems takes time and diligence. We are optimistic that Africa can achieve the future it aspires to. That future depends on people working together — across national borders and across socioeconomic strata — to build the better world we all want” (4/25).