Stanford Health Policy Researcher Eran Bendavid Argues Against Cuts To U.S. Foreign Aid, Saying Funding Helps Others, Protects Americans

Stanford Medicine’s “Scope”: Foreign aid cutbacks could harm health of Americans, Stanford health policy researcher argues
Beth Duff-Brown, communications manager for the Center for Health Policy and Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research at Stanford University, notes how Stanford health policy researcher Eran Bendavid has spoken out against proposed cuts to U.S. foreign aid, writing, “Saving lives and improving health in other parts of the world is an investment, he said, in the well-being of American lives.” Duff-Brown highlights a recent commentary Bendavid published in PLOS Medicine, which states, “…U.S. foreign aid for health has arguably been the single most important driver of the last 20 years’ health improvements in developing countries” (7/19).