Simplified Antibiotic Treatment Can Save Newborn Lives In Most Remote Areas

Huffington Post: Bending the Curve and Saving Newborn Lives
Mariam Claeson, director of maternal, newborn and child health at the Gates Foundation

“Every once in a while, a major innovation comes along — one that has the potential to change the lives and health of families all over the world — especially in remote, hard-to-reach areas. … This week, The Lancet medical journal published a new study detailing a simplified treatment with antibiotics that is a true breakthrough in the global approach to neonatal infection. … I often think of the babies whose lives couldn’t — and still cannot — be saved because they lacked access to the treatment they needed. This simplified antibiotic treatment puts an alternative, less cumbersome course of treatment into the hands of front line health workers and families in the most remote areas of the world — and will allow newborns to receive the lifesaving care they need and deserve” (4/2).