‘Shared Values’ Needed To Tackle Health, Development Challenges

Huffington Post: Global Health Needs More Strange Bedfellows, Unorthodox Partnerships
David Olson, global health communications expert

“…Nowadays, it’s widely recognized that more stakeholders need to be consulted, both in the design and the execution of an intervention. Does this make the process more messy and complicated? It sure does, but this messiness is essential to take global health to the next level. We’ve made a lot of progress over the last dozen years. … But we need to up our game. And to do that, we need all hands on deck — the private sector, faith-based organizations, universities, research institutions, youth, women, and community-based organizations. We need strange bedfellows engaging in unorthodox collaborations. … Getting together a bunch of strange bedfellows to tackle the biggest health and development challenges of our day? ‘Shared values’ seems like a good way to start the conversation” (7/14).