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SDGs Must Include Measurable, Feasible Health Goals

BMJ: The 2030 sustainable development goal for health
Gavin Yamey and Rima Shretta of the Global Health Group at the University of California-San Francisco, and Fred Newton Binka of the University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ghana

“…As the MDGs come to an end, a new set of sustainable development goals (SDGs) will be debated during the U.N. General Assembly that starts on 24 September 2014. These goals will have a 2030 end date. They could catalyze further transformations in global health. … Could the SDGs be as influential as the MDGs? Yes — if the first draft can be transformed from utopian ‘fairy tales’ into a prioritized list of measurable goals, targets, and interim milestones that all countries can achieve, with a central role for health and new approaches to development finance” (8/26).