‘Science Speaks’ Examines Impact Of Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law On USAID Missions

The Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks” blog discusses the implications of Uganda’s anti-homosexuality law on USAID’s ability to carry out its programs in country, noting that “USAID Uganda Mission Director Leslie Reed sent a memo to the contractors, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies with which the mission works advising ‘that all external events, ribbon cuttings, workshops, launches and/or program close-outs now require USAID/Uganda pre-approval.’… ‘Now that the anti-homosexuality law has been enacted we’re continuing to look closely at the implications of the new law, and where appropriate, we have adjusted some activities and engagements while we are doing that,’ a U.S. State Department representative told reporters at a press briefing Tuesday…” (Barton, 3/19).