School Meal Programs Could Help Address Malnutrition In Africa

Inter Press Service: The Potential of School Meals to Change the Nutrition Landscape in Africa
Daniel Balaban, director for the World Food Programme’s Centre of Excellence against Hunger

“Tackling malnutrition is essential for the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, and will be critical for the African continent to reach its full development potential. … African countries have committed to the elimination of malnutrition in all its forms at the International Conference on Nutrition 2 (ICN2), and have endorsed its recommendations with measures to promote an enabling environment. … Overall, they require the expansion of national nutrition frameworks, which should encompass the expansion of school meals programs. … Addressing current generations’ malnutrition and ensuring that new ones enjoy healthier lives requires intense dedication to improving children’s access to nutritious diets. As we empower children to have access to adequate food and make choices that contribute to healthy diets, we contribute to changing the nutrition landscape in Africa” (2/2).