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Safe, Clean Water Can Be ‘Source Of Hope And Life For All’

The Hill: Water and the Angel of Death
Rev. Otis Moss, senior pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago

“…[W]ithout safe water and sanitation, a whole host of global ills cannot be cured — malnutrition, poverty, food insecurity, gender inequality. Not even peace can be achieved when some have and others don’t have something as basic to life as water. … Water has the power to transform. So do we. Which means water, the source of all life, must be more than a symbol in our faiths. It must be a call-to-action. Access to safe water is an Exodus from a lifecycle of poverty and sickness. There is no better time than now, with spring rains and renewal, Passover’s flight to freedom, Lent’s reflection and sacrifice, and Easter’s celebration, to ask ourselves if we have the moral will and vision to make safe water the source of hope and life for all…” (4/17).