Rice Fortification Can Help Deliver Micronutrients To Many People Worldwide But Not ‘Silver Bullet,’ Opinion Piece Says

Devex: Opinion: Why fortified rice is a game changer
Judith Smit, global lead for rice fortification at DSM

“…Rice, as the number one staple in the world, offers indeed a promising vehicle to contribute to filling the nutrient gap. … With extrusion technology, multiple vitamins and minerals — as well as other key nutrients lacking in the diet such as lysine and fiber — can be added to rice. Therefore, specific nutritional needs can be met, as the composition of the fortified rice is customized to meet specific public health needs. … However, it is not a silver bullet; a successful rice fortification program alone will not eliminate all micronutrient deficiencies. … DSM is working with partners, governments, research institutes, and key stakeholders to enable rice fortification to improve nutrition…” (10/2).