Revitalized Global Partnership Can Ensure That Women Live Violence-Free

Inter Press Service: Ending Violence Against Women — A Global Responsibility
Lakshmi Puri, assistant secretary general of the United Nations and deputy executive director of U.N. Women

“Addressing violence against women, in all of its forms, is a global imperative and should be one of the international community’s top priorities, including in forthcoming intergovernmental processes, such as the post-2015 development agenda. … In addressing such a complex phenomenon, which is embedded in gender inequality and harmful gender stereotypes, more needs to be done, beyond the adoption of additional international instruments and national legal and policy frameworks. It is critical to ensure that accountability mechanisms are in place; that funding for implementation is adequate, predictable, and sustainable; and that the means of implementation are strengthened. A revitalized global partnership and political will can make the difference in ensuring the right of women and girls to live a life free of violence” (11/4).