Reuters Examines Questions Surrounding Sanofi’s, WHO’s Responsibilities In Bringing Dengue Vaccine To Market

Reuters: Did Sanofi, WHO ignore warning signals on dengue vaccine?
“…[Sanofi’s dengue vaccine] trial also showed that in the third year after receiving the Dengvaxia inoculation, younger children were more likely to end up in hospital with a severe case of dengue than those who didn’t get the vaccine. … The case raises questions whether Sanofi and the WHO, in their pursuit of a new weapon to fight a deadly disease, should have foreseen the risk. Their decisions on how the vaccine was rolled out could set back efforts to combat dengue by a generation, some disease experts say. Sanofi has rejected suggestions it ignored any risks or took any short-cuts. However, it has acknowledged that clinical tests of the vaccine did not fully investigate whether a previous dengue infection could influence the outcome…” (Steenhuysen/Hirschler, 12/12).