Researchers Identify Potential Link Between Dengue Exposure, Severity Of Zika Infection; Studies Provide Insight Into Possible Vaccine Strategies

The Atlantic: A Surprising Link Between Zika and Dengue
“…New research shows that certain dengue antibodies can either neutralize Zika — or help it replicate. The findings, published in two separate papers on Thursday, may be a crucial step toward developing a vaccine for Zika…” (LaFrance, 6/23).

Reuters: Previous exposure to dengue may make Zika worse, scientists find
“…Dengue infections have increased dramatically over recent decades. The virus causes around 390 million infections a year globally — with 40 percent of the world’s population living in areas of risk. Dengue is common in Brazil, and the health ministry there reported a leap in cases this year…” (Kelland, 6/23).

USA TODAY: People previously infected with dengue may be more vulnerable to Zika virus
“…Authors of a study published Thursday in Nature found that two of the antibodies the body makes to fight dengue also prevent Zika infections. … In a second paper, published in Nature Immunology, researchers found that the vast majority of dengue antibodies do nothing to stop Zika infection. In fact, a lab experiment showed that most dengue antibodies actually helped Zika viruses proliferate and invade cells…” (Szabo, 6/23).