Researchers Hit Snags In Testing Ebola Treatments, Vaccines

Al Jazeera America: Why we’re still waiting on an Ebola vaccine
“Since Ebola hit [Freetown, Sierra Leone,] last summer, nurses at Connaught Hospital have put their lives on the line by working with patients at risk of the deadly disease. Now researchers aim to recruit them as well as ambulance drivers and other hospital staff as subjects in one of the largest Ebola vaccine trials to date. But just a few weeks before the trial begins enrollment, many health care workers are voicing discomfort about the shot…” (Maxmen, 3/11).

Los Angeles Times: New Ebola cases are declining: Why that’s bad news for a cure
“…Unless the outbreak explodes again, potential cures such as ZMapp can’t be given to enough patients to accurately determine their effect. Nor is the virus infecting enough people to let researchers test the efficacy of two potential vaccines that are being given to about 18,000 health and emergency workers in Liberia…” (Morin, 3/9).