Religious Leaders Have Opportunity, Moral Obligation To Promote Family Planning Within Local Communities

The Guardian: Leap of faith: why religious leaders have a moral duty to promote family planning
Canon Grace Kaiso, theologian, Anglican priest, and general secretary of the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa; and Ahmed RA Ragab, professor of reproductive health and vice chair of the Faith to Action Network

“…[F]aith leaders worldwide have an unparalleled opportunity — indeed, a moral obligation — to prioritize conversations about family planning and close the contraception gap. … Many faith-based organizations are already taking a leading role in the promotion of family planning in developing countries, while respecting the core tenets of their faith. Examining their successes provides a valuable blueprint for faith-based solutions. … To enact change on a global scale, religious leaders must embrace their community responsibilities, educate themselves about the various contraceptive options for couples, and engage their local governments and health care providers on the topic. Local action is the only tool that will allow us to meet the family planning needs of millions and build a better world for future generations…” (10/15).