Progress On WASH Critical To Post-2015 Development

Devex: Turning the post-2015 trickle into a flood
Girish Menon, director of international operations for WaterAid U.K.

“…The debate around what will follow the MDGs has been long and complex. There are many issues on the table. But putting safe WASH front and center is not negotiable. Sanitation and hygiene are absolutely critical to human development and dignity and essential to human life. … In the coming weeks and months, as member states discuss and debate the shape of efforts to reduce poverty, let us keep in mind a staggering fact: In 2014, we still live in a world where one billion people have no choice but to defecate in the open. It’s not pleasant to think about. But without a toilet, their lives, their health, their education, their safety, and the lives of their children are at risk” (3/5).