Private Sector Must Play Role In Ensuring Gender Equality

Devex: Opinion: Using the power of the private sector to deliver on gender equality
Mary-Ann Etiebet, lead and executive director of MSD for Mothers, and Anna Van Acker, president and managing director at Merck Canada Inc.

“…All of us recognize that when women are healthy, productive, and active, the effect on their families, communities, and economies creates a better tomorrow. The rich dialogue throughout the [June 2019 Women Deliver] conference made clear that business and the private sector have a powerful role to play to make gender equality a reality. We also recognized that there continues to be meaningful opportunities for collaborations and bigger impact. At the end of the conference, Women Deliver President and CEO Katja Iversen asked all participants, ‘how will you use your power for good when you get home?’ In response to Iversen’s challenge, we are continuing to advance three areas to deliver on the private sectors’ commitment to helping women deliver. 1. Developing radical collaborations to mobilize resources … 2. Create inclusive environments that value women’s experiences … 3. Apply a gender equality lens to our own work … We must always consider gender equality in our work from our partnerships and investments in improving health, to creating and upholding our own workplace values. Here at Merck, we will continue to help deliver on the promise of a gender equal world” (7/12).