PRI’s ‘The World’ Launches Multimedia Series On Pregnancy, Childbirth Worldwide

PRI’s “The World” has launched a multimedia series, titled “The Ninth Month,” that explores pregnancy and childbirth across cultures and continents.

PRI’s “The World”: In Nepal, the manual labor doesn’t stop for expectant mothers
“…It is common here for women to do backbreaking work in the fields, but Januka is seven months pregnant. Despite her expanding belly, her chores will not let up…” (Narang, 2/23).

PRI’s “The World”: How ‘secret mothers’ make childbirth safer
“For women in the African nation of Malawi, giving birth brings a high risk of death. The predominantly rural country has long had one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the world…” (Kelto, 2/23).

PRI’s “The World”: Video: Peru creates a special place for expectant mothers to wait — and wait
“In Peru, women are encouraged to spend their last weeks of pregnancy in special residential facilities that offer comfort and care. But the waiting remains difficult…” (Durand/Gardner, 2/23).