Price Reduction Agreement For Cytomegalovirus Might Help Improve Screening, Awareness

The Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks” blog describes “an agreement [.pdf] announced this week between the Medicines Patent Pool and Roche, the maker of the oral drug valganciclovir, which treats cytomegalovirus retinitis,” an infection common among people living with HIV, particularly in Asian countries. “The agreement, signed in July, will increase access to the drug in 138 countries by reducing its price up to 90 percent,” the blog notes. “The price reduction is a first step in what is hoped to be a series to improve screening and treatment of cytomegalovirus, [Kaitlin Mara of the Medicines Patent Pool] said,” according to the blog. “Other steps, she added, include country programs boosting diagnostic efforts, clinics strengthening training for diagnosing the disease, and public health programs spreading awareness of its impact,” the blog writes (Barton, 8/8).