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PRI Series Examines Various Aspects Of Zika Outbreak In Latin America

PRI published two articles as part of its #HerPlanet series on the Zika virus.

PRI: The budget for the Rio Olympics is 16 times higher than the budget to combat the Zika virus
“…For the Olympics in Rio, the Brazilian government has allocated $9.7 billion from both public and private sectors, which is 16 times more than the allocation for Aedes [mosquito] prevention. … The campaign to combat Zika has received about $475 million so far in 2016. The government has added another about $125 million — or about $600 million total…” (Kuang, 2/22).

PRI: These mosquitoes could be a weapon against Zika
“There’s a room at the University of São Paulo with between 10,000 and 15,000 mosquitoes in it. If you’re very quiet, you can hear them buzzing. This is where mosquito researcher Margareth Capurro is trying to figure out the best strategy to reduce the type of mosquito, Aedes aegypyti, that carries Zika and other dangerous viruses…” (Beeler, 2/22).