Prevention, Innovation Key To Addressing NCDs

Health Policy Watch: Risks And Ultimate Rewards: Innovative Ways To Beat Chronic Diseases
Thomas Cueni, head of the IFPMA

“…Prevention and innovation are the two key weapons in the fight against [non-communicable diseases (NCDs)]. … Progress made in recent years in combating the four main killers [– cardiovascular failure, cancer, respiratory illnesses, and diabetes –] has been remarkable … These gains are the result of many kinds of innovation¬†… The huge burden of NCDs on health care systems and societies … will continue to rise unless governments persuade people to change their lifestyles and encourage investment in research. Equally important, health care systems must be adequately funded to ensure an environment conducive to innovation for further scientific discoveries and dynamic technologies. These will reduce death rates, improve health outcomes, and offer a better quality of life to millions of patients” (9/28).