President Trump’s Sexual, Reproductive Health Policies Do Not Act In Women’s Best Interests

New York Times: The Playboy President and Women’s Health
Michelle Goldberg, columnist for Slate

“…American women are being stripped of their sexual and reproductive autonomy not by a moralizing puritan but by an erotically incontinent libertine. … Poor women will bear the brunt of this administration’s policies on sexual and reproductive health, but millions more women will feel the pain as well. … This cumulative attack on women’s ability to control their reproductive lives would be infuriating no matter who presided over it. But there’s an extra shudder of degradation in losing reproductive rights at the hands of a lubricious playboy like Mr. Trump. Unlike longtime anti-abortion activists, Mr. Trump doesn’t bother pretending he’s acting in women’s best interests. … There is no veneer in this administration of ‘compassionate conservatism’ or of promoting a ‘culture of life.’ There is simply power and convenience: Mr. Trump doesn’t care about women’s health or rights, and it’s easy to outsource policy to the activists of the religious right who helped elect him…” (7/14).