President Obama Names Susan Rice, Samantha Power To Major National Security Posts

“President Obama named Susan E. Rice and Samantha Power to major national security posts on Wednesday, promoting two outspoken voices for humanitarian intervention on a foreign policy team known for its deep caution in dealing with conflicts abroad,” the New York Times reports (Landler, 6/5). “Susan E. Rice, whom Obama named Wednesday to succeed Thomas E. Donilon as national security adviser, and Samantha Power, nominated to follow Rice as U.N. ambassador, will have the opportunity to answer [how ambitious Obama intends to be abroad] as the administration reviews its policy on Syria, winds down the war in Afghanistan and seeks to stop Iran’s nuclear-enrichment program,” according to the Washington Post (Wilson, 6/5). “By choosing two women known as advocates for human rights, including the NATO-led intervention in Libya with U.S. support, Obama signaled a potentially more robust foreign policy in his second term,” CNN writes (Yellin/Cohen, 6/6).