Potential Success Of Experimental Ebola Vaccine Could Quickly End Future Outbreaks, Associated Fear

Politico: How to Eradicate Political Panic
Joanne Kenen, Politico’s health care editor

“…The [experimental Ebola] vaccine, if successful, would be distinctive, since it wouldn’t require global vaccination programs, as have efforts to eradicate diseases like polio. Instead, the trial vaccines rely on what’s known as the ‘ring method,’ creating a circle around the virus to contain it. Doctors, nurses, community health workers, and other first responders would be vaccinated widely and routinely, protecting them before any outbreaks emerge. Vaccines could be deployed swiftly once a case is detected and before a full-scale outbreak explodes. If the work proves successful in the months and years ahead, the world may never again know the fear that gripped us in 2014…” (9/10).