Posts Discuss Analysis Of International Community’s Donations To Ebola Response

Center for Global Development’s “Global Health Policy Blog”: Funding to Fight Ebola: Not Too Little, but Definitely Too Late
Karen A. Grépin, visiting fellow, and Amanda Glassman, director of Global Health Policy and senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, discuss an analysis authored by Grépin in the BMJ examining donations made by the international community in response to the Ebola epidemic, noting that “the pace at which pledges were made to the epidemic and the speed at which resources were disbursed were slow, which likely allowed the epidemic to spread longer and may have contributed to overall higher costs to control” (2/4).

Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks”: Ebola responses: Only a third of donors’ pledges have materialized where they are needed
Antigone Barton, writer and editor of “Science Speaks” and senior communications officer at the Center for Global Health Policy, discusses findings from Karen A. Grépin’s analysis of donations made by the international community in response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa (2/4).