Pope Francis Should Re-Evaluate Catholic Church’s Contraception Policy

New York Times: The Pope and the Birth Control Ban
Editorial Board

“…Expanding birth control access worldwide would have huge benefits. … The Catholic Church has considered lifting its ban on contraception in the past. In 1964, Pope Paul VI convened a commission on the issue. A majority of members, including 60 of 64 theologians and nine of 15 cardinals, recommended repealing the ban. Instead, Pope Paul issued an encyclical confirming it would stay in place. … [I]nstead of looking to his predecessors, [Pope Francis] should listen to Catholics today. One way to do so would be to convene another commission, one composed not only of church leaders but also of laypeople, including women, and scientists who have studied the effects of contraception and the lack of access to it around the world. The pope is famous for his pastoral approach, focusing on compassion for people rather than on rules. When he has heard from ordinary Catholics about how the church’s rules on contraception affect their lives, he may be more open to re-evaluating them” (9/21).