PLOS Article Examines NTDs In Post-2015 Development Agenda

The Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases’ (NTDs) “End The Neglect” blog discusses a recent PLOS NTDs article, in which “James Smith and Emma Michelle Taylor discuss why NTDs should be included in the post-2015 development agenda and highlight the advances made in NTD funding and recognition in spite of their omission from the [Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)].” The blog notes, “In the article, they say the very nature of NTDs — the fact that these diseases are ‘relatively invisible cross-cutting drivers of poverty’ — has limited efforts to focus on them.” According to the blog, “the authors state that by including NTDs in the post-2015 agenda, the international community could be signaling a new shift in international development — one that focuses on the ‘institutions we need to manage the complex social, economic, environmental, and health systems that interact to shape future development'” (Gordon, 12/18).