Pharmaceutical Industry Should Invest More In NTDs

In this Forbes opinion piece, contributor Sarika Bansal examines “[w]hat needs to happen for the pharmaceutical industry, academic researchers, and other key players [to] begin investing more seriously in” efforts to address neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). She writes, “Since the term [NTD] was coined [in 2005], there has been considerable activity in the neglected disease space from governments, donors, pharmaceutical companies, and nonprofits alike,” but the status quo “has not yet changed nearly enough, and there is ample room for the pharmaceutical industry to invest more in NTDs.”

Bansal highlights progress in the fight against NTDs, noting an increase in donor funding and product development and the establishment of product development partnerships (PDPs) for NTDs, such as PATH and the Sabin Vaccine Institute. She concludes, “Donor-funded PDPs will continue conducting vital research to end the disease burden of several common NTDs, with donations from pharmaceutical companies. … Hopefully these raised expectations … can soon compel pharmaceutical companies to directly develop drugs and vaccines for the world’s poorest billion” (11/9).