Pharma Industry Will Continue To Innovate, Collaborate To Further WHO’s Program Of Work, Global Health Progress

Diplomatic Courier: What a Difference 70 Years Can Make in Global Health
Thomas Cueni, head of the IFPMA

“…The WHO has a clear plan to put to the world’s governments at this 70th birthday World Health Assembly in May. The watch words of the 13th WHO Program of Work: ‘Promote health, keep the world safe, service the vulnerable,’ provide a clear vision for what really matters for all our futures. Dr. Tedros has a powerful vision to galvanize efforts: ‘we need one billion more people to have coverage every five years between 2016 and 2030.’ It’s up to all of us to help where we can to put this vision into action and make a lasting legacy for future generations to judge us by. On my watch, the global pharmaceutical industry will be looking at how innovation, transformation, partnership, and engagement will continue to further global health progress” (4/11).