Devex Examines Several Aspects Of WHO General Program Of Work, Including DG Tedros’s Views On Global Health Funding

Devex: ‘What worries me is not the money for WHO’ — Tedros
“The draft 13th General Program of Work cut across discussions at last week’s 142nd executive board session of the World Health Organization. But while some stakeholders perceived progress on the current draft, questions remain, including the nagging question on how WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus would be able to finance his vision for the organization. … [W]hile some raise concerns for WHO’s budget, funding WHO’s work doesn’t appear to worry Tedros as much — at least in the immediate term — as that for the wider global health agenda. … [H]e believes unlocking enough resources for global health lies not so much in what donors can provide, but in countries’ commitment to invest and mobilize sufficient resources for the health of their own populations. … He however acknowledged that the ‘global gag rule’ imposed by the current U.S. administration will have major impacts on women, especially those who have less…” (Ravelo, 2/1).