Pfizer To Provide Vaccine Against Pneumonia, Meningitis At Reduced Price Through GAVI

“Drugmaker Pfizer Inc. has agreed to provide hundreds of millions of doses of its lucrative vaccine against pneumonia and meningitis at a fraction of the usual price for young children in poor countries,” the Associated Press reports. “The deal to provide 260 million shots of its Prevnar 13 vaccine for a few dollars each is Pfizer’s third agreement under” the GAVI Alliance, the news service writes, adding, “Prevnar 13, called Prevenar outside the U.S., protects against 13 strains of pneumococcal disease.” The AP notes, “One Prevnar dose costs nearly $130 in the U.S. — unaffordable in much of Africa, Asia and Latin America” (Johnson, 7/29). “Pfizer will provide the vaccine at $3.40 per dose with a further reduction to $3.30 per dose from 2014 onwards,” a GAVI press release states, adding, “The new prices will apply to all doses to be purchased from Pfizer under current contracts, including those awarded under two previous agreements.” The press release notes GlaxoSmithKline also “will lower the price GAVI pays for its pneumococcal vaccine to $3.40 per dose for this new contract covering the period 2014-2024” (7/29).