PBS NewsHour Examines Effects Of Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law On HIV Prevention, Treatment

PBS NewsHour reports on how Uganda’s anti-gay law is affecting HIV prevention and treatment programs in the country.

PBS NewsHour: Few HIV health resources remain for gay Ugandans under new law
“While the United Nations has reported optimistic news about controlling the global epidemic of HIV and AIDS, Uganda’s infection rates are expected to grow in light of increased stigma for at-risk groups like gay men and sex workers. Jeffrey Brown reports on how discrimination and marginalization may be a major roadblock for effective treatment and prevention…” (Woodruff, 7/17)

PBS NewsHour: Uganda’s LGBT and HIV/AIDS activists answer your questions
“…We will be taking your questions for four activists and human rights workers who deal specifically with at-risk populations in Uganda … Share your questions in the comments section, on Facebook, or on Twitter using the hashtag #NewsHourAsks…” (Daly, 7/17).