Passage Of ‘Innovation Act’ By Congress Would Harm Drug Development

Roll Call: The Wrong Direction on Patents
Todd E. Gillenwater, senior vice president of Public Policy at the California Healthcare Institute

“…Poorly conceived and hastily written legislation can stunt innovation, harm the economy, and even cost lives. Unfortunately, this is the case with the recently reintroduced Innovation Act (H.R. 9). … Ultimately, H.R. 9 could be extremely harmful for the life sciences sector — and many others — throughout the nation. By its very nature, biomedical research and development is an inherently risky, expensive, and uncertain process. And by forcing through ill-conceived changes that would make it more difficult for innovators to protect their patents, Congress runs the risk of doing fundamental and lasting harm to a sector that not only helps drive our economy, but is the hope of millions around the world. Instead of rushing through with such a risky proposition, let’s take the time to get it done right” (3/6).