Organizations Discuss Absence Of Women’s Reproductive Health, Rights From U.S. State Department’s 2018 Human Rights Reports

Human Rights Watch: U.S. Again Cuts Women from State Department’s Human Rights Reports
Amanda Klasing, senior researcher at the Women’s Rights Division of HRW, and Elisa Epstein, advocacy coordinator at HRW, discuss the omission of analyses on women’s reproductive health and rights in the U.S. Department of State’s 2018 Human Rights Reports. The authors write, “Congress can and should serve as a check on the administration’s … policies. … The Reproductive Rights are Human Rights Act … would ensure that reproductive rights are included in State Department reports. Congress mandated that the State Department release these annual reports, and Congress can mandate that they include women’s rights around reproductive health…” (3/13).

International Women’s Health Coalition: State Department Human Rights Reports Conceal Abuses of Reproductive Rights
“The International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC) condemns the absence of reproductive rights in the State Department’s annual Human Rights Reports, released [Wednesday]. … The lack of reporting on reproductive rights obscures numerous violations of women’s fundamental right to bodily autonomy. … Removing critical sections, such as those relating to sexual and reproductive health, undermines the validity of the reports and damages U.S. authority on human rights issues…” (3/13).