Opinion Pieces Discuss Issues Surrounding Ebola Response, Recovery

Foreign Affairs: Three Myths About Ebola
Emmanuel D’Harcourt, senior health director at the International Rescue Committee

“…The West Africa Ebola virus epidemic is complex, confusing, and concerning. We can end it only by understanding, and acting on, the real story. … The real story is that only local communities can end the Ebola virus epidemic in collaboration with public health workers. Both communities and frontline health workers need the dependable support of a government they trust…” (1/8).

The Lancet: Beyond Ebola: a new agenda for resilient health systems
Marie-Paule Kieny and Delanyo Dovlo of the WHO’s health systems and innovation division

“…Instead of focusing exclusively on Ebola, we need to build systems that are grounded in primary health care principles and capable of responding to routine as well as unexpected challenges that might arise in the future. The work we have begun to do in Ebola-affected countries can serve as an example for all countries that might face shocks, now or in the future…” (1/10).

Baltimore Sun: Ebola response wrongly derided
Elizabeth Serlemitsos, country representative in Liberia for the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

“…Liberia’s leaders in the battle against Ebola are exhibiting strength of character that I never saw when I was chief adviser to the head of the National AIDS Council in Zambia. … I think that it is this caliber of leadership, cooperation, and commitment (which is happening at all levels in the country) that is making the difference for Liberia…” (1/8).