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Opinion Pieces Discuss Funding For, Private Investment In SDGs

The Guardian: The missing development trillions: how you would fund the SDGs
Rachel Banning-Lover and Guardian readers

“More than 50 people shared their ideas on where the sector will find over $3tn a year to fund the Sustainable Development Goals. Here’s a selection of our favorites..” (6/3).

Project Syndicate: Spurring Private Investment for Developments
Nirj Deva, ranking member of the European Parliament and Conservative Vice-President of the Development Committee

“Successful economic development has hewed to a well-known pattern. Lifting a country out of poverty and placing it on a path of sustainable growth requires hard work, the creation of a robust system of property rights, and – crucially – private investment. … [the Sustainable Development Goals] come with a high price tag, and there remains a funding gap of around $2.5 trillion if all 17 goals are to be met. A chasm this big cannot be bridged by cash-strapped governments and taxpayers alone. … That is why a recent decision by the European Parliament to back my report calling for the mobilization of private capital in the fight against global poverty is so important. … Helping developing countries grow will stimulate investment opportunities for E.U. companies and open new markets for their goods. The result will be a virtuous cycle of development that benefits everyone – and that moves the world significantly closer to achieving the ambitious goals that it has adopted” (6/3).