Opinion Piece Discusses U.N. Breastfeeding Resolution Debate

Fox News: Does Donald Trump really hate breastfeeding? Another media ‘mis’-report
Bethany Mandel, editor at Ricochet

“…While fully acknowledging that ‘breast is best’ [U.S. HHS and USAID] officials also realize that even under the most optimal conditions, breastfeeding can be difficult. When you factor in malnutrition and stress in the developing world and in conflict areas, access to formula can mean the difference between life and death. … There is a tragic history of formula companies manipulating women in the third world in order to get them hooked on formula, thereby disrupting their milk supply; but the pendulum has swung too far in the opposite direction. While we know the science indicates that breastmilk is best, there are any number of extenuating circumstances for women in the developed and developing world that makes feeding babies formula more desirable. Mothers are responsible with raising their children, and thus, should be trusted to decide how to best feed them without requiring a prescription to do so…” (7/29).