Officials Identify Causes Of 'Mystery Illness' Responsible For More Than 60 Child Deaths In Cambodia, CNN Reports

According to physicians familiar with the investigation, the causes of the “mystery illness” that has killed more than 60 children in Cambodia have been identified, CNN reports. “A combination of pathogens … is to blame for the illness, the World Health Organization, in conjunction with the Cambodian Ministry of Health, has concluded, the doctors said,” according to the news service. “The pathogens include enterovirus 71, which is known to cause neurological disease; streptococcus suis, which can cause infections like bacterial meningitis in people who have close contact with pigs or with pork products; and dengue, which is transmitted by mosquitoes,” CNN notes. In addition, the administration of steroids, which can suppress the immune system, worsened the condition of some patients, and the WHO is recommending physicians avoid using steroids in patients presenting with fever, encephalitis, and respiratory issues, the news service writes (Gupta/Dellorto, 7/11).