Obama Speaks Out Against FGM, Calls Young African Leaders To Action

News outlets report on President Obama’s criticism of gender oppression in Africa and his call for young African leaders to empower women.

Associated Press: Obama: Female oppression crippling parts of Africa
“President Barack Obama criticized gender oppression in Africa that he said is ‘crippling’ development in some countries, speaking out publicly Monday for the first time against female genital mutilation while encouraging young leaders from the continent to empower women…” (Pickler, 7/28).

Agence France-Presse: Obama: World needs ‘prosperous and self-reliant Africa’
“U.S. President Barack Obama kicked up a major outreach to Africa on Monday by urging youth leaders to build a ‘prosperous and self-reliant’ future for the continent built on civil rights and the rule of law…” (Cartillier, 7/28).