NYU Administrator Discusses Impact Of Politicizing Breastfeeding On Women’s Rights, Global Health

Political Insights: Politicizing Breastfeeding — The Impact on Women’s Rights and Global Public Health
Katie Dobosz Kenney, graduate program administrator at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs, discusses the impact of the politicization of breastfeeding on women’s rights and global health, writing, “[A]t the heart of the World Health Assembly fiasco is the United States advancing the interests of a thriving industry primarily manufactured in the U.S. under the guise of supporting women’s agency; the global public health implications of which are troubling. … It is not the obligation of one nation to solve and aid all global human issues, but it is the human obligation to not exacerbate them. … [T]he need for vigilance and action in the defense of global women’s autonomy and agency will remain” (7/13).