Nurses, Health NGOs Work To Educate Teen Girls About Contraception, Pregnancy In Sierra Leone

Broadly: The Women Battling the Post-Ebola Teen Pregnancy Epidemic
“…August 8 marks two years since the World Health Organization declared the Ebola outbreak in West Africa a public health emergency. These days, [Nurse Aminata] Fullah and other nurses are on the frontlines of another health crisis: teenage pregnancy. … Teenage pregnancy has long been a problem, but the recent Ebola outbreak saw a 47 percent jump in the number of teenagers getting pregnant, according to Save The Children, which trains nurses like Fullah to properly administer contraception and provide vital maternal health care services. The actual reason for the increase in teen pregnancy is a source of contention among the government, NGOs, community leaders, and the girls themselves. But everyone agrees it is a bad thing indeed…” (Whyte, 8/8).