Number Of Ebola Deaths Reaches 1,350 In West Africa, WHO Says

News outlets report on new WHO estimates on the number of deaths recorded in the West African Ebola outbreak and ask researchers and aid workers about the potential for underestimating the case numbers.

Associated Press: WHO: West Africa Ebola death toll rises to 1,350
“The World Health Organization says the death toll from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is now at least 1,350 people…” (8/20).

Reuters: Death toll from Ebola outbreak in West Africa rises to 1,350
“The death toll from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has risen to 1,350, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday, with 106 new deaths reported between August 17-18 in three countries…” (Farge, 8/20).

NPR: How Much Bigger Is The Ebola Outbreak Than Official Reports Show?
“…[T]he WHO has previously warned that its official figures may ‘vastly underestimate the magnitude of the outbreak.’ … So how bad is it really? That’s the question NPR put to several people who have been carefully watching the outbreak…” (Greenfieldboyce, 8/21).