NPR Continues Profile Of PEPFAR Successes, Challenges; Examines Treatment For Serodiscordant Couples In Kenya

NPR’s “All Things Considered” examines PEPFAR, saying the program — the largest public health initiative ever undertaken to address one disease — has been “transformative and yet the challenges ahead are enormous.” The program includes comments from David Wilson, the World Bank’s Global AIDS Program director, and Amanda Glassman of the Center for Global Development (12/18). The show and NPR’s “Shots” blog examine access to HIV treatment for Kenyan serodiscordant couples. The WHO “now recommends that any HIV-positive individual in a discordant relationship be supplied HIV treatment,” the blog writes, adding, “But discordant couples are still being treated on an ad hoc basis in Kenya, primarily because the funding for the medication just isn’t there.” NPR discusses treatment funding provided through PEPFAR and the Kenyan government (Warner, 12/18).