‘No Space For Complacency’ In Addressing Gender Equality, Health Equity To Achieve SDGs In Kenya

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Gender equality and equity in health will anchor drive towards sustainable national development
Sicily K. Kariuki, cabinet secretary for public service in Youth and Gender Affairs at the Government of Kenya, and Siddharth Chatterjee, UNFPA Representative to Kenya

“…[T]o achieve health equity, gender equality, and fulfill the right to health as guaranteed in [Kenya’s] Constitution, it is essential to identify the underlying causes of health inequalities. This calls for a need to look inwards, rather than global indicators. It is only by identifying the disadvantaged or excluded groups, that evidence-based policies, programs, and practices can be designed and inequalities tackled effectively. … Reproductive health complications represent a hideous feedback loop, as they are not only the result of poverty, but also contribute to poverty. In addressing access to reproductive health matters and gender equality, there is no space for complacency. … Empowering, educating, and employing Kenya’s women and girls will launch our economy to new heights and ensure Kenya reaps a demographic dividend. … For development to be sustainable and resilient, it must be inclusive and equitable, [and] given that half of humanity are women, their empowerment is a must and not an option” (4/12).