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NIAID Director Anthony Fauci Discusses U.S. Zika Funding, HIV/AIDS Efforts In Washington Post Podcast

Washington Post: Anthony Fauci: Forced to rob cancer research to pay for Zika vaccine push
Jonathan Capehart, opinion writer

” ‘Hold up. Wait, wait, wait a minute.’ That was my response when Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told me that the ongoing congressional battle over Zika funding forced the federal government to take money from other diseases to finance the hunt for a vaccine. … President Obama asked Congress for $1.9 billion to address the Zika crisis back in February. But as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told me in last week’s [Cape UP podcast] episode, renewed fights in Congress over Planned Parenthood have tripped up Zika funding bills. Fauci said that if the battles aren’t resolved by the start of the new fiscal year (Oct. 1), ‘We’re going to have to stop what we’re doing.’ The consequences of such an action are huge. … And you can’t have a conversation with Fauci without talking about his work on HIV/AIDS. … Listen to the podcast to find out what Fauci thinks the level of HIV infections needs to be to make HIV/AIDS ‘much, much, much less of a public health threat’…” (9/20).