News Outlets Report On Various Aspects Of Ebola Epidemic

News outlets publish articles on various aspects of the Ebola epidemic and response.

International Business Times: Ebola Outbreak: Five People Infected Every Hour In Sierra Leone, Says NGO (Shankar, 10/2).
Nature: Ebola outbreak shuts down malaria-control efforts (Hayden, 10/1).
Newsweek: Officials Warn Ebola Outbreak Is Morphing Into a Humanitarian Crisis (Westcott, 10/1).
New York Times: A Hospital From Hell, in a City Swamped by Ebola (Nossiter, 10/1).
Reuters: U.S. relief group sending key supplies to Liberia to fight Ebola (Jenkins, 10/1).
U.N. News Centre: U.N., Liberia assessing food security impact of Ebola outbreak, planning response (10/1).
USA TODAY: Putting Ebola’s risks into perspective (Szabo, 10/2).
Wall Street Journal: Ebola Could Cause ‘Economic Collapse’ Guinea’s President Warns (Salvaterra, 10/1).
Washington Post: When Ebola comes to the U.S., who stands to profit? (Ohlheiser, 10/1).