News Outlets Report On R&D, Funding For Coronavirus Vaccines, Therapeutics, Recent Study Results

Bloomberg Law: Moderna Shows Positive Vaccine Result, With Hint Oxford’s Next (Langreth, 7/15).

Devex: DevExplains: Monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19 (Ravelo, 7/17).

Fortune: Fauci is optimistic we’ll see COVID vaccine breakthroughs by early Fall (Raimonde et al., 7/17).

The Guardian: How quickly will there be a vaccine? And what if people refuse to get it? (Renwick, 7/16).

New York Times: In Coronavirus Vaccine Race, China Strays From the Official Paths (Wee et al., 7/16).

New York Times: How a Struggling Company Won $1.6 Billion to Make a Coronavirus Vaccine (Thomas/Twohey, 7/16).

Reuters: Exclusive: J&J in talks with Japan, Gates Foundation to lock in deals on COVID-19 vaccine (O’Donnell/Mishra, 7/16).

Reuters: J&J says large study of coronavirus vaccine could begin in September (Mishra/O’Donnell, 7/16).

Reuters: Novartis to provide ‘no profit’ COVID-19 drugs to low income countries (Miller/Polityuk, 7/16).

STAT: New Covid-19 study, despite flaws, adds to case against hydroxychloroquine (Herper, 7/16).

STAT: Novartis to provide drugs for Covid-19 patients to poor countries at cost, but fails to disclose pricing (Silverman, 7/16).

Vox: Covid-19 vaccine trials are showing promising results. A lot can still go wrong (Irfan, 7/15).

Wall Street Journal: Hydroxychloroquine Didn’t Help Patients With Early and Mild Covid-19, Study Finds (Hopkins, 7/16).

Washington Post: Hydroxychloroquine studies show drug is not effective for early treatment of mild covid-19 (McGinley, 7/16).