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News Outlets Examine U.S. Congressional Actions On Zika Response Funding, Potentially Larger Role For Private Sector

Devex: Will Zika see ‘big private sector action’?
“As the international community struggles to mobilize funds and resources to take on the Zika virus outbreak, pandemic experts have asked why the private sector has not played a bigger role in critical elements of response such as diagnostic testing. … But the private sector’s role in the Zika response could soon ramp up, hinted Amy Pope, deputy homeland security adviser and deputy national security adviser at the White House National Security Council…” (Tyson, 5/20).

POLITICO: How a deadly tropical virus became another Washington mess
“…The bipartisan response to previous public health crises, such as the 2014 Ebola outbreak and the H1N1 flu pandemic in 2009, is not evident in the months-long congressional debates about Zika, despite its huge human costs. The virus in pregnant women has been closely linked to severe brain abnormalities in fetuses…” (Haberkorn, 5/20).

STAT: 5 lessons from the protracted Zika funding fight
“…Here’s what we’ve learned from the fight thus far: Those who see Zika as an emergency are frustrated … The House is thinking of the Zika funding as an installment plan … So much for the Ebola money … There’s no veto threat against the Senate bill … Republicans are gettable … [R]ight now, the Senate has to be considered the side with the upper hand — because it’s the only bill with a broad coalition of support, not just the backing of one party…” (Nather, 5/20).