News Outlets Examine Efforts To End Child Marriage, Change Attitudes In Zambia, Ethiopia

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Zambian chieftainess stands up against age-old custom of child marriage
“Sheltering from the midday heat in her yellow-painted bungalow, Chieftainess Mwenda speaks passionately about her mission to end child marriage in Zambia, starting first in her own chiefdom. Reigning over 111 villages in Zambia’s far northern Luapula province, Mwenda said her attitude towards a long-standing custom of early marriage changed almost overnight, when, four years ago, she learned about the dangers of teen pregnancies…” (Mis, 9/22).

VOA News: Attitude About Child Marriage Slowly Changing in Ethiopia
“Thousands of girls in the Horn of Africa are forced to marry although they are underage. The local government in Gondor, Ethiopia, and UNICEF are organizing large awareness campaigns to change the attitude of rural communities…” (van der Wolf, 9/21).