NYT Examines Philanthropy Of ‘New Megadonors,’ Including Gates Foundation, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

New York Times: Giving Away Billions as Fast as They Can
“…In a matter of years, a new crop of ultra-wealthy Americans has eclipsed the old guard of philanthropic titans. With names like Soros, Gates, Bloomberg, Mercer, Koch, and Zuckerberg, these new megadonors are upending long-established norms in the staid world of big philanthropy. … Having made billions and shaped the world with their companies, this new guard is setting lofty goals as they prepare to give their fortunes away. Take the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, established by the Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan. It is not looking to merely improve health in the developing world. One of its aspirations is to help ‘cure, prevent, or manage all diseases by the end of the century’…” (Gelles, 10/20).